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Starfall #3

Issue #3
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End of Life
Starfall began with a funeral. Elly buried her husband, got reacquainted with Violet, her witchy ex-girlfriend, fended off an assassin, and suffered through the accusations of her violent, distrusting brother-in-law. Deciding to cut her losses, Elly
borrowed a magic book from Violet, and used it to contact Kinsey, a chic, squidfaced demon that can hide her but only if the price is right. Across town, the Lost & Foundry, an underground social club for supervillains, received the unexpected patronage of two teenage girls and a naked, homicidal cyborg that laid the entire business to waste. The girls barely (and, possibly, only temporarily) survived with the aide of the golden-hearted bartender. In chapter 3, we're tripping back in time to see how those roads converge...