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Raptor Cop, Vol. 1: Battle with Willie The Worm

Raptor Cop, Vol. 1: Battle with Willie The Worm

Raptor Cop, Vol. 1: Battle with Willie The Worm


A jewelry store clerk is devoured by a mass of flesh-eating worms.
It's just another heist for WILLIE "THE WORM" PITTS and his gang. There is a strong suspicion that the police department is unable to control crime in the city. . The police department is on edge.
Against this backdrop of crime gone wild, STAN POCAROBA, a K-9 police officer, keeps his unit of dogs ready to go and emotionally attached like a close-knit family. For Stan, it acts as a replacement for his own disjointed family life caused by the tragic death of his brother at a young age. Something his mother would never let him forget.
One night, Stan and his K-9 Unit corner Willie in a university lab. During the gun fight, Stan is exposed to an archeological genetic chemical. Willie takes a lab research chemist, Juanita, who is also the daughter of the mayor, as hostage in order to escape.
Stan needs to hurry if he wants to save the Mayor's daughter. However, as a result of the lab accident, Stan soon discovers that he is able to transform into a prehistoric raptor with all the powers of the fabled hunter, but not without a few drawbacks. The police mistake a transformed Stan for one of the criminals and a dragnet is set up for his capture.
Time is running out. Willie buries Juanita in a coffin with a 48-hour air supply, adding a snake and a mouse to keep her company. He demands $10 million from the city or he will let Juanita die.
Can Stan control his transformations enough to find Juanita? Will he be captured by his own police department? And how will the dogs cope with a prehistoric raptor as their commander?