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King Bone Presents #2

King Bone Presents #2

King Bone Presents
Issue #2
(3 ratings)


King Bone Press Presents #2
Are you missing excitement and variety in you comic book reading? Well step up and get your cure!!! For $1 you will get six bombastic stories to enjoy and marvel at...
Can Horatio the Octopus become the Wrestling Champion? If so, at what cost..?
Andy Adventure breaks the 4th wall and your mind!
We learn the grisly origins of the warrior who will one day rule over the Kingdom of Skulls...
The battle rages on to get home in Free Reign as a new foe appears and this Troll doesn't play well with others...
Sully can't shake his thoughts free from the girl he rescued because something isn't sitting right with the big man...
Eustace journeys to investigate a mystery wrapped up in an enigma inside a puzzle in the land of the Hellbillies!
And more!!!!
I know your interest is piqued so step right up and get your copy now!!!

Featuring stories by Jon Westhoff, Bryan Boles, John Boren, Ray Wegner, Harry Moyer, James and Jason Ford, Felipe Anguiano and cover by Bobgar Ornelas.