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Heavy Metal #285

Heavy Metal #285

Heavy Metal
Issue #285
(16 ratings)


Heavy Metal proudly presents it's LOVE SPECIAL. Featuring "Mythopia" by GRANT MORRISON and ANDY BELANGER, "The Color of Air" by ENKI BILAL, "Ai Shiteru!", an all-new story by LIBERATORE and JD MORVAN, "Salsa Invertebraxa" by MOZCHOPS, "Frankenstein Unrequited" by DEAN HASPIEL, "Gutt Ghost: The Letters of the Beast" by ENZO GARZA, "Lil Charlie" by JOHN BIVENS, "Lure" by CHAS! PANGBURN & MATIAS LÁZARO, "They Lived Happily Ever After" by FERNANDO BALDÓ, "Zentropa" by JOHN MAHONEY, tattoo gallery by BRANDO CHIESA, artist studio featuring RUBENS LP, and our artist spotlight on JAMES JEAN! Don't miss this issue, it'll break your heart!