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Happy Asylum Day, Vol. 1

Happy Asylum Day, Vol. 1

Happy Asylum Day, Vol. 1


In Happy Asylum Day, there are two murder mysteries puzzling the characters - and it is up to you to solve them. This is a comic book that will pull you in right from the first frame and hold onto your attention, keeping you guessing while you turn blood-soaked page after blood-soaked page. For horror fans, this is a story that is sure to satisfy, the chills and the thrills abounding and the characters sharp (though maybe not sharp enough to avoid catching a knife to a major artery!).

In the beginning, you too may ask yourself: is Bloody Mary real? By the end, you will have all the answers you could ever ask for (and perhaps more than you ever wanted).

You call Bloody Mary forth - and what happens?

Does she answer?

Do you really want her to?

Sam's friends Mary, Eva, and Jack are non-believers through and through, outright denying Bloody Mary's existence. When evidence (in the form of corpses) starts to pile up, though, it becomes clear that something is going on. You can get to the bottom of all this and determine once and for all just what you think of the Bloody Mary urban legend.