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Exlibrium #6

Issue #6
(8 ratings)


The House of Bones, part 1
Lilia Romanova is the ordinary Moscow girl getting ready for college. Well, the "ordinary" would not be the right word for it, because Lilia is a geek, a passionate books, comics, movies, video games and other pop culture phenomena aficionado. But her life changes dramatically when she encounters a mysterious girl in red, driving a bike on her campus. The girl leaves behind an odd case that Lilia picks up. The case happens to contain the ink that spills out, gets on Lilia's skin, and immediately after that she becomes the prey for the fairy tale characters, so different in the real world from their familiar selves.
Luckily, the girl gets saved by a couple of wizards, Sasha and Arthur, the members of the ancient Bookwizard Order whose job is to guard the thin line between the works of fiction and reality. Fortunately, Arthur manages to seal the characters on the loose into the book, escaping the death by a hairbreadth. The mysterious library keeper and the elder of the wizards' order, Angelina Evgenievna summons Lilia the next morning to figure out the magic ink situation.