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Exlibrium #3

Issue #3
(17 ratings)


...And the door will open, part 3
Lilia Romanova is the ordinary Moscow girl getting ready for college. Well, the "ordinary" would not be the right word for it, because Lilia is a geek, a passionate books, comics, movies, video games and other pop culture phenomena aficionado. But her life changes dramatically when she encounters a mysterious girl in red, driving a bike on her campus. The girl drops an odd case that Lilia picks up. A strange blob, breaking out of it, merges with the girl in a weird way. With no possible reasonable explanation for that, she's left to find the owner of the case. By happy coincidence, their address was on the mysterious casing.
When she shows up at the apartment, she finds a weird and slightly crazy old lady, and gives the casing back to her. However, a mysterious creature with multiple eyes and sharp teeth devours the old lady in no time and chases Lilia and the girl in red. After a long chase they find themselves in an abandoned library, face to face with a dangerous monster...