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David K. Gorden

David K. Gorden


David Gorden is a creator, writer, and sequential artist who specializes in the creation of intellectual properties. David knows that today’s world has become predicated on people’s attention being captured by engaging stories and eye-catching visuals and has over two decades of experience creating applying his skills in character creation, sequential art, story boarding, script writing, and concept creation.
David is a founding member of Big Fat Hero a social media hub and outlet for short stories, podcasts, geek culture and production.
David has written and created IP for Lion Forge Comics, Rampage Jackson, Scott Steindorff, and Nick Cannon. His creative credits include Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier, Trimaxx, Quincredible, Sympathy for the Soul (script adaptation), Make Believe (script adaptation) and more.
David is the creator of Kwame Hightower and Quantum University. He released his first independent OGN, Kwame Hightower and the Man With No Name in late March of 2018.

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