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Captain Cooley & Kid Delight

Captain Cooley & Kid Delight

Captain Cooley & Kid Delight


Two decades as America’s black knight, shadow enforcer, and phantom assassin. Captain Cooley operated in the ether between the industrial military complex and the deep state. Teamed with his mentor, Mother Midnight, they were the answer to every president’s question; “If we can’t nuke the SOBs then what the #!%@ can we do?”

Captain Cooley burnt out, betrayed, decommissioned, and reprogrammed before the age of forty. Estranged from his wife and daughter. Sequestered in a maximum-security veteran’s mental institution. Then forgotten about and mistakenly released on a clerical error.

Now Captain Cooley hunts to discover what happened to his delightful little girl and who’s to blame for destroying his life.

But, like coaxing a nuclear warhead back into its silo after the launch, don’t expect things to turn out that well.